No Man’s Story Review

No Man’s Sky is a sci-fi survival game that features planetary and space explorations. It was developed for PC by House Games.  With tons of planets and numerous solar systems you can explore, you can suit up and explore as much as you can. But you should be wary for danger lurks everywhere you go. Be ready to fight pirates, bounty hunters and sentinels as you embark on an out-of-this-world adventure!  


No Man’s Sky starts you off on a planet you can explore. You can do this on foot or you can glide along the horizon using a jetpack. While you’re exploring, you need to look for resources as well. The materials you find will be used to repair the ship. In the process, you learn about survival in a new world.

When your ship is repaired, you can then explore the rest of the planets. At every planet, you must adjust your suit to adapt to the climate, then you explore, engage in battle with sentinels and pirates, and mine and then you decide to visit another planet, and explore, again.


The primary selling point of No Man’s Sky is base building. When you arrive in a new planet, the thrill of exploring it is indeed fun. You can name the planet, including its fauna and flora, battle some sentinels and other forces. You spend time in mining materials and minerals, all of these you will eventually master after visiting several planets.

Eventually, you hop from one planet to another doing the same thing until it becomes quite monotonous. With over 18 quintillion planets to explore, the ultimate adventure is to reach the Atlas quest.

At the start, when you break into the horizon and see the multitude of planets, it’s awe inspiring, but upon closer inspection of the planets, the surroundings tend to reflect a similar look and color. This could also be due to the fact that you can’t expect developers to create each of the 18 quintillion planets as unique as possible. However, the developers should be commended for coming up with an entire universe for the setting of a game.

Despite its basic gameplay and the occasional crashes, No Man’s Sky is a good game that you should try!

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No Man’s Sky has a basic gameplay that features base building and planet exploration. Despite its gameplay becoming a bit monotonous after some time and several planets later, it is worth trying out!