Easter Island Slot by Yggdrasil Review

Yggdrasil may be a fairly new company in the online gambling world, but over the few years they’ve been around, they’ve proven they really know how to make entertaining and exciting slots that capture the attention of the players. Their latest release called Easter Island continues to prove this, as the developer has come up with another thrilling and funny game that’s guaranteed to put you in a good mood.

Welcome to Easter Island

The game takes players to the fascinating world of Easter Island, with the stone reels set on the backdrop of a beautiful green meadow filled with flowers and butterflies flying all over the place. Add to this cheerful music playing in the background, and we have a slot that’s guaranteed to lift you up and improve your mood.

Apart from the natural scenery, two stone faces on the side of the reels are guaranteed to attract your attention. These cartoonish statues represent famous “moai”, monumental stone face statues erected by the indigenous Rapa Nui people, sometime between the 8th and the 12th century AD.

Yggdrasil designers have clearly put in a lot of work into animations, so two large Moais slowly dance to the music, further adding to the already very relaxing atmosphere. However, the reel fun starts once the feature is triggered, as Moais will start shouting and cheering, sucking in the symbols and jumping all over the place.

Easter Island Slot Gameplay

Let the Moais Do Their Magic

The game has just one special feature, but it is an extremely entertaining one and it occurs frequently, which means there is plenty of fun to be had with the Easter Island slot. The game has 27 paylines across the standard 5×3 grid populated by different colorful symbols depicting the island’s animal inhabitants.

Once you land at least three matching symbols on the winning line, you’ll trigger the feature, where Moais will suck in that particular symbol and spit it out on the next spin, improving chances of connecting more combos on the subsequent spin.

If you land four of the matching symbols on the line, Moais will not only suck in the symbols, but the reels will grow as well, adding two extra rows for the next spin. Land the combination of five symbols and you’ll get a spin with four extra rows added and a grand total of 107 paylines for a serious winning potential.

On top of this, if there are any wilds present in the original spin triggering the feature, they will be held for the re-spin and will grow to fill the entire reel, further increasing your winning chances.

The Easter Island slot is definitely an interesting addition to the current Yggdrasil offering, especially because it is a game that comes with the dynamics and features we haven’t had a chance to see before. If you’d like to try it for yourself and experience the bliss of the peaceful Easter Island environment, head over to Olaspill.com  and try your luck. Whatever your gaming taste might be, the odds are you’re going to love Yggdrasil ž’s Easter Island slot.

Easter Island


This is a really fun slot from Yggdrasil. Great graphics, great sounds and fun gameplay.