A Review of Don’t Starve

Don’t Starve is an action-adventure game developed by Canadian indie Klei entertainment. It is a ruthless survival game with a dark theme. Unlike most survival games, Don’t Starve takes on a world full of strange creatures and magic.


The game’s plot is simple. Wilson is trapped in the wilderness, courtesy of the demon’s doing. In the wilderness, with nothing but his person, he must learn to survive, and survive he will! The character must learn how to live by making use of his environment and the inhabitants in it.

Danger lurks and surprises await, but he must not starve. Learn how to hunt and fight for survival and explore the wilderness. Meet whimsical beings that can be friends or foe.

At first, excitement and confidence run high, but as the days tick by and you struggle to survive, while finding a way out, your patience may run thin. However, therein also lies the challenge. What you can pick around the surroundings can be used i.e., making survival tools from it.

As the game progresses, you’ll have more opportunities to build something out of the raw materials you’ll collect, but another side to the story is will you be able to survive long enough to do it?

From natural causes like lack of fire come night time, to monsters ready to gobble you, to changing seasons – all these contribute to a harder chance of survival. When you’re depleted of nourishment, your health declines until you begin to have hallucinations, which can contribute to your death.


It’s ironic that the game is titled Don’t Starve, because although it is a must not to starve your character because you will die, starving is the least of your problems. And with so many factors for survival, this game will get you hooked in no time.

When you think you’ve conquered everything, another secret is revealed and it’s another story of survival again. If you can’t move past beyond a certain stage in the game and you’re frustrated, you can always start a new game.

Granting that Don’t Starve isn’t for everyone, it holds a certain charm for gamers who are up for a challenge and with a bit of patience. Any progress is good in a game where several factors influence your survival!

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Don’t Starve is all about survival where you start with nothing and you don’t know anything. Starving is even the least of your problems as there are many creatures in the wilderness that are also out to kill you!